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Easter Carnival at Camp Arnes

 by Twyla Siple

Camp Arnes hosted its annual Easter Carnival on March 31 with an easter egg hunt and a special prize for finding the golden egg.

Children were also invited to try out their infamous big bikes, have their faces painted, experiment with colouring around the craft table and enjoy the snacks provided.

Pictured: Brady Palsson and his four-year-old son, Laughlin, drove in from Petersfield for the easter egg hunt.

Director of Summer Ministries Dixie Naylor and Forge Apprentice Brooke Klassen had a lot of fun painting faces in the crafts cabin.

Three-year-old Avaya Janzen of Arborg stands with Klassen, along with two-year-old Jaya of Thunder Bay Ont., eight-year-old Bella of Winnipeg, Naylor and and six-year-old Jaanya also from Thunder Bay.

Forge Intern Sophia Dunning of Vancouver B.C. hides easter eggs while current volunteer and soon to be seasonal staff member, Nolan McCue, hushes behind her.

Aside from the camp's indoor swimming pool, this cabin overlooking the frozen Lake Winnipeg was the hotspot for activities during the afternoon event where snacks, warm drinks, face painting and crafts were provided by volunteers and staff before, during and after the hunt.

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