Canadian Wrestling Elite wants you, rural Manitoba

 by Twyla Siple, Interlake Spectator

Travis Cole, a.k.a. “Tasty Travis” and Sam La Sombra Cruz, a.k.a. “La Sombra” were just two of the many local performers on the roster for CWE’s event at the Selkirk Frienship Centre March 31.

Travis Cole, a.k.a. “Tasty Travis” and Sam La Sombra Cruz, a.k.a. “La Sombra” were just two of the many local performers on the roster for CWE’s event at the Selkirk Frienship Centre March 31.

Canadian Wrestling Elite is looking for more performers in Manitoba, according to Sales and Marketing Director, Travis Cole, at the CWE event in Selkirk March 31.
The former Hot Prospect now goes by the stage name Tasty Travis and has been a wrestling entertainer for seven years. He began working for CWE five years ago and moved from his home in Calgary to Winnipeg just over three years ago.
“Every few months, I would drive out and do tours across Canada,” said Cole. “I felt like I was kind of in a rut, where I was before, so I decided to take a chance and come out this way. I saw a big boom in my career because of it, both on my performance side of it and on the business side.”
Now wrestling is his full-time career and Cole’s team is encouraging more wrestling enthusiasts to get on board. 
Starting out
Rookie, Sam Davidson, explained to The Interlake Spectator how training works. 
“We get together about five to seven of us - we meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We spend time with one of the performers here, AJ Sanchez, The
Canadian Crusher, who runs a training school out of Winnipeg for about 10 hours a week,” Davidson said.  
“We learn the fundamentals - how the business works - and how, in the future, we can go out on our own and do this as our own entrepreneurial endeavour.”
Cole described professional wrestling as a cross between improv and stunt work. 
“Imagine you had to do live action improv and you had to do stunts,” Cole explained. 
“Imagine you had to film an entire movie in one take, I mean that’s kind of what what we do.”
Cole said his favourite wrestling move is his signature move, the German Suplex. After he knocks out his opponent with a fore-arm to the face he comes from behind his opponent, grabs them around their waste and drops them on their head. 
“I hope to use that for my victory tonight,” he said laughing. 
Local talent
Robert Maxwell, a.k.a. Rob Stardom, Selkirk resident for the last 15 years, credits his success to his determination and the support of his wife and daughter letting him work his dream job. 
“I’ve played many sports at high levels and wrestling is very difficult to be good at.” Stardom played provincial level volleyball, basketball, curling, badminton, track and field, to name a few. Stardom chose wrestling because he was able to make a living in the industry, which he sees as a sport as much as entertainment. 
Selkirk wrestler Jay Lanza had his family in the audience at the CWE event Selkirk Friendship Centre March 31.
Lanza’s six-year-old son Jason, said his favourite wrestler is - of course - his dad. Their mom, Tabitha Tokaryk, likes taking them to their father’s events because the family has such a great time..
“Their dad is big on wrestling because it’s about community,” Tokaryk said. “A lot of people will come from special needs and they’ll give them free tickets and help them around. There’s just a lot of support in the (wrestling) community. And the wrestlers are great  with the kids too. They’ll go around the whole ring high-fiving and you can hear (the kids) screaming, just going crazy about it. It really is a fun thing to do.”
Not just entertainment
Cole explained how in 1997, it was announced  by World Wrestling Entertainment president Vince McMahon that WWE was for entertainment. 
“I can tell you that, like I said, because it’s live action improv - live theatre - everything we do is very, very physical,” Cole said. “We work together, but it’s not like a dance routine. It’s not choreographed. A lot of times, we have to go out there and feel the crowd.”
Touring rural Manitoba & across Canada 
“Typically right now we run four tours a year across Canada. We have one coming up from May 10 to June 2. That’s 25 days in a row. We’re starting out with shows in Stonewall, Gimli and around Winnipeg, then we start working our way through Alberta and British Columbia, then we work our way back through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, all the way to Ontario. So we’re going as far west as Vernon B.C., and as far east as Saulte Ste. Marie.”
“We run these shows all the time. We just started our recent rural initiative where we’re running rural talent across Manitoba, typically about an hour outside of Winnipeg, relatively weekly on Thursdays, so there’s a lot of opportunities to come out and see us. It’s a different town every week, we’re doing Teulon on April 26. Please come on down.”
You can follow CWE.Canada on Instagram, CWE Canada on Facebook and their website is 

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