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Selkirk mayor seeking re-election

Brook Jones, Selkirk Journal

Larry Johannson will be seeking re-election in the 2018 Civic Election. (Brook Jones/Selkirk Journal/Postmedia Network)

Larry Johannson will be seeking re-election in the 2018 Civic Election. (Brook Jones/Selkirk Journal/Postmedia Network)

While sitting in the mayor’s chair, March 23, Selkirk mayor Larry Johannson announced his intention to seek re-election in the 2018 Civic Election.

“I am planning to run in the next election,” Johannson said.

The long time member of Selkirk council wants another four years to lead Selkirk council while sitting in the mayor’s chair.

“I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by a strong council. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a strong administration. We have the right people in place. We have the right directors that are going to continue us on the path of success and prosperity for the City of Selkirk,” Johannson said. “We have a strong progressive council, we have a strong progressive administration. I think our record speaks for itself - we stand on that record. We are proud of what we have done.”

When looking back at his two-terms as mayor, Johannson is most proud of the many infrastructure improvements for residents of Selkirk.

“We’ve had the best infrastructure improvements ever,” he said. “It’s something that’s needed.”

He made specific reference to the second water source that was created which will provide potable water for decades to come.

“Our grandchildren and their grandchildren are going to benefit from that,” he noted.

Johannson also highlighted new infrastructure projects in the works, which include the new waste water treatment plant, the fire hire hall expansion and the business park.

“This is going to be exciting for our protective services. We’ve got the best volunteer fire department in Canada and this will only make them stronger” he said. “Our business park is going to be one of the most exciting projects in Selkirk.”

The downtown core development projects are also something he wants to see come to Fruitation. He noted how he wants to see plenty of progress if re-elected during the next four years.

“We want to see them worked on, developed, maybe not completed, but good progress on them,” he said. “We want to see the downtown core improve by 100% and we’ve started on that and we are going to put millions towards it. Downtown housing is a strong component to the re-vitalization of the downtown core. We will have downtown housing that people will be proud to live in.”

Voters will head to the polls Oct. 24.
“Let’s let the dust settle at the end of October and see where we end up at,” he added.



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