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No new fire trucks for RM of Armstrong, as needed

 Twyla Siple

 The RM of Armstrong voted down the proposed resolution to purchase two firetrucks for the area at its regular council meeting Feb. 13.

“The idea was on the table and defeated because three councillors voted it down,” said the RM’s Reeve, Jack Cruise.
Two fire trucks from Acres Industries Inc. and Fort Garry Fire Trucks were up for consideration.
Council reviewed quotes before the meeting with both fire departments and resolved that the Council of the RM of Armstrong would approve the purchase of fire trucks from reserve funds for the Inwood Fire Department from Fort Garry Fire Trucks at the quoted price of $335,982.00 and for the Fraserwood Fire Department from Acres Industries Inc. at the quoted price of $332,369.97.
Councillor Adam Krochenski requested a recorded vote on resolution 29 - 2018, for the fire truck purchase in the RM of Armstrong.
Along with their reeve, councillors Lavallee and Krochenski both voted “yes” for the new fire trucks to be purchased for the Inwood and Fraserwood Fire Departments, as they have reached over their service years’ capacity and now need to be replaced to meet the Fire Underwriters Survey replacement guideline, said Cruise.
The RM of Armstrong’s Fire Equipment Reserve has been established for this purpose and most of the money was there, however 50% of the council voted down the expense and stopped the momentum.
“Our current trucks are approximately 30 years old and we have an email from the fire commissioners office recommending trucks should be replaced every 20 years for safety and insurance reasons,” he said.
“The purchase of two trucks has been in the capital expenditure part of our budget for the last three years so shouldn’t of been a surprise to anyone.” Crusie explained.
“We have a fire equipment reserve fund that was established years ago and has been growing every year with your tax dollars.”
Cruise said that over the span of the last 30 years, five different reeves, 25 different councilors, every tax payer in the RM has contributed to that reserve.
The reserve wouldn’t quite cover the cost so we would have to add some funds from an account created with money from landsales which is again your money,” Cruise said of the community’s tax payers.
During the last year the community has noted numerous meetings with council, fire departments and suppliers to get them to this point, said Cruise.
“We have finalized quotes and specs and the money in the bank to pay for the new trucks. But now I have a defeated resolution and don’t know which way to turn. So, as your Reeve I would appreciate your comments or concerns on this issue.”
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