North Interlake Chamber of Commerce formed

By Juliet Kadzviti/The Interlake Spectator

The Riverton and District Chamber of Commerce and the Arborg and District Chamber of Commerce will soon be conglomerated to become a new chamber.

“What we have done is disbanded our two chambers and we are going to create a third, larger entity,” RDCC president Mark Myrowich said.

The organization, named the North Interlake Chamber of Commerce, was unanimously voted into existence during ADCC’s annual general meeting Nov. 8.

“As a result of this vote, we have the mandate from both chambers to make it happen,” he said.

Myrowich said he and ADCC president Owen Eyolfson are working with The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to get the organization off the ground.

“We have to set-up bylaws, we have to incorporate, we have to do all the structural things first,” Myrowich said.

He added the chamber is also yet to vote on an executive team and plan its initial projects. Myrowich noted all the existing members of both chambers would automatically be part of the NICC.

The new chamber aims to provide better services for members, Myrowich pointed out.

“The objective of creating a larger chamber was so that we could get enough economies of scale, and therefore get someone to help full-time with communications and with setting up events- all the administrative stuff that you need to run a decent chamber,” Myrowich explained. 

“I realized that, RDCC alone, with only 40 members, is too small to have any kind of staff person. And with volunteers, it’s really hard to get anything going, for any length of time because there’s volunteer burnout,” he added.

Myrowich also mentioned, the new NICC will allow for more concentrated discussions about issues affecting business owners in the area.

“Businesses are going to have different interests. If you have a larger membership, there can be sub-committees formed to advise the decision makers in our communities what the business community thinks, instead of having one or two (representatives) try to share their ideas,” he said.

To celebrate the formation of the new chamber, a celebration reception will be held at the Arborg Hotel Dec. 6, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Chamber members from both areas are welcome to attend, as well as the public.

“It’s just an opportunity for the membership to get together and also get people talking about this new (venture),” Myrowich said.

“It’s also a chance for our members to come and hear what the vision is and what we are going to be doing moving forward.”

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