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Stonewall runner qualifies for Boston Marathon

Katelyn Boulanger

Barry Lamm, a Stonewall resident, after running the Fargo Marathon which qualified him to run the Boston Marathonin 2018. (submitted photo)

Barry Lamm, a Stonewall resident, after running the Fargo Marathon which qualified him to run the Boston Marathonin 2018. (submitted photo)

Stonewall resident, Barry Lamm, recently qualified and registered to run in the Boston Marathon which will take place April 16, 2018.
“It’s a big deal,” Lamm said. “I received the acceptance email and I am on the entry list.”
Lamm competed in a Boston Marathon qualifier to prove that he has what it takes to run, what for him, is a bucket list race.
“To qualify for the Boston Marathon, it’s based it on your age and your time. My qualifying time needed was three hours and 40 minutes at a Boston qualifier. I ran the Fargo marathon the May-long weekend of this year and I ran a 3:33.32 which gave me a roughly six minute cushion to get in because to get in they only pick the best of the qualifying times,” Lamm explained.
This year runners needed better than a three minute and 28 second cushion to qualify to register for the Boston Marathon making this a particularly fast year.
Lamm started running six years ago.
“I was overweight and felt terrible. I drove to Stonewall Collegiate on my bicycle and went around the track on my bicycle and then decided to try to see if I could run the quarter mile track and I couldn’t do it. I could get half of the way or maybe three quarters but to be a runner you have to be very stubborn and very dedicated and I just kept going back until I got to a point where I felt comfortable running with other people. I then joined a run club in Winnipeg, City Park Runners,” he said.
According to Lamm to run your only need to be stubborn and persistently chase your goals putting one foot in front of the other.
“When you’re laying in bed on a Saturday morning and you wake up at 5 a.m. and you get out and run at 35 below it takes a lot of persistence to get up and run.”
He trained for Boston by going to a speed clinic every week to help improve but also credits his success to running with really great people in his run club.
“It’s a community team, kind of like a family thing. We go out for breakfast and we get together to hang out. It’s not all about running. It’s about meeting great people and I’ve met some amazing people on this journey,” Lamm said.
“My best advice (for newcomers to the sport) is just to get out there and run and be persistent and stubborn. It’s going to hurt for a while but you’re going to reap the benefits of feeling better and losing weight. I lost 60 pounds in this journey and you’re going to meet some really awesome people if you join a run club. It just becomes a habit.”
Lamm doesn’t have a goal time in mind for Boston instead he plans to enjoy the experience of running with the best in the sport.
“I’m just going to enjoy it because I’m only going to do it once. I’m going to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy running with 30,000 people. I’m going to enjoy running on a course with world class marathoners on the same course as me, obviously they will be a long way ahead of me,” Lamm said.

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