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Call volume down for fire department

Katelyn Boulanger

In comparison to last year at this time, Stonewall-Rockwood fire chief Curtis McClintock said, that calls to the department for fire are down.
“There have been a few calls but on the average it’s probably about ten calls difference from where we were last year. We thought we were going to have a dry spring but then we started to get some of the rain and things greened up. It was quieter than we thought it would be in the spring and that kept our call volumes down,” McClintock said.
This is good news for the community going into fire prevention week 2017, which runs from Oct. 8 to 14.
This year’s theme is ‘Every second counts, plan two ways out’ which McClintock said is one of the fire safety measures residents should be aware of along with checking and changing the batteries in smoke detectors and always doing fire drills.
McClintock also said that residents should be cautious about not leaving food unattended on the stove and using extension cords wisely as kitchen fires. Either too many or misused extension cords are some of the most common causes of fires in the area.
He also pointed out people plugging their vehicles in inside their garages specially with an interior car heater becomes a concern when reducing risks of fires in residents home in the winter.
McClintock also wishes that drivers would be better about letting firetrucks by when their lights are flashing.
“I think one of the things (that people don’t know about fire fighting) is that when we received the call and are responding is the importance of road awareness. Drivers need to yield the right of way,” he said.
With the fire hall currently under renovations, the department will not be able to put on their typical open house but are hoping to have a combined open house and grand opening when the newly expanded hall is finished in November.

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