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RM of West Interlake presents 2017 financial plan

Juliet Kadzviti/The Interlake Spectator

The Municipality of West Interlake presented its 2017 financial plan in a public meeting May 30.

One of the key aspects of the plan was the general municipal mill rate, which almost doubled year-on-year. In 2016 it was 3.1 compared to 2017 where it was 5.99.
“We did not add (an expenditure) to the general mill rate last year from Ward 1, because we would have had to have another public hearing, and it was time-sensitive,  so we decided to get it passed as it was,” Councillor Keith Lundale said.
“That number of 3.1 is artificially low. This year’s amount of 5.99 is a more realistic representation of what it typically is” he added.

The RM’s total revenue is $2.8 million with $1.9 million of this coming from municipal taxes. Key expenditures for the RM include general government services at $513,420, transportation services at $929,350 and fiscal (debt) services for $543,427.

In it’s capital budget the RM has set aside funds for improvements to the community including (for Eriksdale) finishing up repairs to the municipal office and shop for $85,000, new road construction for $50,000, sewer maintenance for $20,000.

For Ashern, the RM has budgeted $750,000 (approximately $450,000 of which will come from borrowing) for waste disposal ground. As well, through federal and provincial funding and by utilizing its reserve fund, the RM has budgeted more than $370,000 for a lagoon.

Other budgeted costs include $51,000 to build a parking building for a handivan, $15,000 for a mower, and $10,000 towards a new town sign for Ashern.
Overall, council said it was happy with the budget.

“We did the best job we could on this budget. We could have pressed more but the mill rate would have gone up,” Reeve Randy Helgason said.
“We decided this is the best way to go about it.”

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