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Teulon keeps taxes with check in financial plan

The Town of Teulon has kept the municipal tax increase to 1.95% in their 2017 financial plan.

“It’s mostly due to inflation. Every year, everything costs you a little bit more to do and every year we try to do the same thing unless we come up with projects,” Teulon mayor Bert Campbell said.

Though the town doesn’t have any big projects planned for 2017 they will continue to improve the community.

“We are doing a couple of streets again this year and we are putting in a big chunk of the capital into the development of the property for our firehall that’s coming down the tube in the next year or year and a half. We’re just trying to continue doing what we’re going and get people to move to Teulon,” Campbell said.

He explained even though the firehall project will be a costly project, the capital needed to subsidize it will be coming from the town’s gas tax reserve, which directed the cost away from ratepayers.

“Unless people actually sit in a meeting of ours, people don’t really realize how much money it costs to run the community. Everybody seems to think that you collect all these taxes and you should be rolling in money. They don’t realize how much of it goes out for all sorts of day to day things that happen in the town. I think if you come to a council meeting or a financial plan hearing you get a better idea of how the money is distributed,” Campbell suggested.

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