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Arborg’s projected budget weighs in for 2017

Juliet Kadzviti/The Interlake Spectator

The Town of Arborg presented its 2017 financial plan to the public April 26. The projected budget sees revenues increasing by almost half a million dollars.

 For a balanced budget, the projected revenue for the town is $1,933,239.91, an almost $400,000 increase from the 2016 amount of $1.5 million. $1.1 million of this revenue will come from municipal taxes.

Major expenditures will include fiscal payments for $450,000, government services for $289,200, protective services for $266,965 and transportation services for 232,765.

Of the fiscal payments, debt charges for the town’s paving upgrades where $115,579.21.

The general municipal rate for 2017 is 22.326 mills, compared to 21.823 mills in 2016. 

Mayor Randy Sigurdson said the 2017 financial plan was well thought out.
“We spent a lot of time on it and tried to do everything very carefully. I think it’s as good as we can make it,” he said.

Sigurdson noted the increase in the budget was reflective of a growing economy.

 “We try not to raise our budget too much, and just with the cost of living, you have to raise it just a little otherwise you’re falling behind,” he said

In Arborg’s capital budget, the town has set aside an estimated $127,500 for a flood mitigation program, $48,500 for sidewalk renewals and $12,500 for drainage.

The town’s five-year capital expenditure program includes sidewalk upgrades for $35,000 each year, as well as unspecified public works equipment for $225,000 by 2019 and decorative lighting for $75,000  by 2020.

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