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RCI preparing students to enter the workforce

Juliet Kadzviti/The Interlake Spectator

For the first time, two Interlake schools, in conjunction with Youth Employment Services, presented a rotational workshop to work-ready students.

Riverton Collegiate Institute and Arborg Collegiate Institute Grade 10 students were given workshops, aimed at getting students ready to join a workplace, at RCI April 12.

“Basically, the workshops are designed to give them pre-employment skills, in order to help them find a job. They are all interactive workshops for the students,” teacher Gail Kreutzer said. 
“This is sort of the age-group where kids start to look for summer jobs so it fits perfectly,” she said.

The workshops included the following topics: success/communication in the workplace, resume and cover letter writing skills, job searching and outstanding interviews and a job party.

“Job party gave them a basic overview about the tricks and tips on what you should do, where the job market is so you can find a suitable job,” Kreutzer said.

In the communication section of the workshops, students were given a comprehensive look into how their online presence could impact their job search.
“It taught them about how social media can affect your potential employability and some of the dangers that come with that,” she said.

“It takes a couple of seconds, for someone to get a first impression of you, and you don’t get a second chance, so how you present yourself is an important skill.”
Kreutzer noted the first-time workshops were a crucial way for students to transition from school to work.

“Students learning about work is important because when they are in Grade 11 and 12 they have an opportunity to earn credits while they are going to school with courses such as the Career Development Internship we have in our division,” she said. 

“It is an unpaid internship, where students can earn two credits. They can approach an employer and apply to be mentored for a few months.”
Kreutzer said student responded well to the event.

“They really participated and were engaged with the presenters,” Kreutzer said.

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