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New way to get healthcare in the Interlake

Katelyn Boulanger/Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times

Getty Images File Photo

Getty Images File Photo

A new business has set up shop in the Interlake and is hoping to change the way that people access healthcare in the region. Timely Care Clinic opened in March and will provide house calls and virtual clinic services.

Kaitlyn Yurick, a nurse practitioner with the clinic said, this will provide residents who may have trouble accessing regular clinics with a way to get the same healthcare services from the comfort of their home.

“For a lot of people, it’s difficult to go to a clinic. (Reasons can range) from, if your sick you don’t want to get out of bed, to young families with multiple children who don’t want to sit in a walk-in clinic for several hours with a child who is unwell and go all the way to elderly patients who may have mobility issues or disabled patients who may have mobility issues as well,” Yurick noted.

The clinic offers services in two ways.

Patients are able to arrange for a nurse practitioner to come to their homes and perform basic tests and procedures that can safely be provided in the home environment.

“I can order any diagnostic tests, refer you to a specialist, order your lab work, interpret your lab results, order any prescriptions that you could need, basically anything your family physician can do.” Yurick explained.

Patients who don’t require a physical visit from a health care professional but would instead like a consultation are able to do so by booking a virtual visit where the nurse practitioner would speak to the resident online through a secure video service.

The Timely Care Clinic will provide these services to the Stonewall, Selkirk, Steinback and Winnipeg areas with four on staff nurse practitioners.

“I’m hoping that (patients) will appreciate the service in home. We’ve done quite a few visits since we’ve gone live here especially since it aired (on the radio) and the response back has been very positive. I’m hoping that (the patients) are happy with the service that we can offer from the comfort of their own home.” Yurick concluded. 

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