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Traffic violations against school buses way up

Brook Jones, Selkirk Journal

The Lord Selkirk School Division has launched their Think of Us on the Bus campaign.
The goal for the school division is to have all drivers stop passing school buses while the red lights are flashing and the stop signs are active.
Besides the hefty fine and two demerits that come if caught while passing a school bus, there is also the concern for the safety of the students.
LSSD transportation supervisor Mike Munday explained the campaign was developed to keep students safe by addressing the problem of traffic passing school buses while their red lights and stop signs are activated.
“When we started looking into this, we realized vehicles ‘running our red’ was an issue, but did not realize how often it really happens. Based on our surveys, it happens, on average, 36 times per day,” Munday said. “That is 36 times per day where a vehicle is passing a school bus and putting children in danger.”
According to Munday, the campaign will be broken up into three phases as follows: inform, educate and enforce. He said the division plans to instal stop arm cameras on all school buses as this will provide the video evidence need to send to the RCMP in order to issue traffic violations. Munday noted that a ticket for passing a school bus while its red lights are flashing is $673 and two demerits.
"Our goal is not to issue a ticket - it is to keep our students safe," Munday said. "We are very excited about the support we have received from the community and media with launching this campaign. We want to ensure this issue remains about informing the public and does not require a tragedy to change driver behaviours."


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