Shaw’s reporter/producer Blair Malazdrewich interviews Stonewall Blue Jays’ player/coach Adam Kirk. Shaw is featuring the local Winnipeg Senior Baseball League team on a show called go! On the Road. (Brook Jones/Selkirk Journal/QMI Agency)

Shaw featuring Blue Jays

The Stonewall Blue Jays look like a major league team and give a major league effort when they take to their home ball diamond at Fines Field in Stone

Replica Great War era plane, a RAF Se5a, a favourite of Canadian flying ace Billy Bishop, participated in a mock dogfight with a Fokker Dr.I Triplane over Fort Henry. The Tribute to the Great War commemorated Canada's participating in the First World War through music, period uniforms, equipment and more and was held at Fort Henry on Saturday June 28, 2014. (Julia McKay/QMI Agency)

WW1: Soldiers then and now

July 28 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War. We take a look at what life was like as a soldier then and now.